To support a wide range of applications, including incline/decline, guidance and separation, Habasit Cleandrive comes with a full range of scoops, cleats, side walls, and v-guides.

Conventional welding and Habasit Cleandrive hygienic welding

Hygienic welding of attachments

Our hygienic welding technology guarantees solid attachment of accessories with an easy-to-clean bonding area using hygienic rounded corners.

HyCLEAN sprocket Habasit Cleandrive

HyCLEAN sprockets

Habasit Cleandrive HyCLEAN sprockets guarantee the highest reliability and very easy cleaning, thanks to hygienic rounded surfaces that are free of crevices.

HyCLEAN series sprockets are designed for standalone performance but can be ideally combined with our HyCLEAN CIP automated cleaning system.

Habasit's HyCLEAN CIP system

Wear strips and guides HabiPLAST

Our HabiPLAST range of guides and wear strips provides hygienic conveyor accessories.
Key features:

• Low coefficient of friction
• Self-lubricating
• Good vibration and noise absorption
• High wear resistance
• High chemical resistance, no corrosion
• No moisture absorption
• High dielectric strength
• High impact and fracture strength 

For details see here or request our brochure 4097.

HabiPLAST guides and wear strips
Hot welding press PQ-603

Hygienic endless belt joining

Our newly developed Quickmelt joining technology produces a continuous and smooth joining area that is free of crevices and cracks. A short installation time is all it takes to fit a belt on-site that offers high belt strength and easy-to-clean joining.

Conventional hot blade joining and Habasit Cleandrive Quickmelt technology
Habasit Cleandrive mechanical lace

Mechanical joining

Belts can be joined endless or combined with our mechanical lace for easy opening of the belt during cleaning.