Attachments can be added to HabaSYNC timing belts to assist in conveying and product placement. Tracking guides and profiles in different sizes and materials support your design requirements. 

Thermoplastic polyurethane profiles are welded to the conveying side of HabaSYNC timing belts in order to accommodate special handling needs. Standard and custom shape profiles can be added for sorting and separation, feeding and/or actuation of products. Profiles can also be added to the belt’s conveying surface, and used to mount mechanical components or clamp-on mechanisms. More

TPU tracking guides are placed on the tooth side of HabaSYNC timing belts to provide true belt tracking. Tracking guides are commonly centered on long, narrow belts and on belts where product loading occurs from the side and lateral movement is a concern.  
Tracking guides can be notched in order to achieve maximum flexibility around pulleys. More